Selected Media Coverage
Is free speech under attack? I join The Cycle on MSNBC to talk about growing concerns that journalists are being targeted more often over freedom of expression. 7 Jan 2015. Watch

Silver, Vernon. Cyber Attacks on Activists Traced to FinFisher Spyware of Gamma. 25 July 2012. Bloomberg.

Alpert, Emily. Twitter vs. secret diplomacy in the Chen Guangcheng saga. 5 May 2012. Los Angeles Times.

Ide, William. Press Freedom Day Notes Impact of Citizen Journalism. 29 April 2011. Voice of America: Washington, D.C.

Atikkan, Zeynep. Blogdan Al Haberi Haber Bloglar, Demokrasi ve Gazeteciliğin Geleceği Üzerine (Turkish). Turkey: Yapi Kredi Yayinlari. March 2011.

Watch this segment with PBS FRONTLINE documentary ‘Revolution in Cairo’ in which I speak about the role of social media. Feb. 2011. Here is a full transcript of the interview.

Al Jazeera Inside Story: The Tool for Revolution? 21 Feb. 2011 interview about the role of social media in the Arab revolutions.

Interview about the importance of Twitter’s 5 year anniversary on Al Hurra’s Eye on Democracy program. Watch it here.

Aquina, Mia. Protesters around the world march against Egypt’s Mubarak. CNN. Also featured submission on solidarity protests via CNN iReport. 29 Jan. 2011. Geneva, Switzerland.

Associated Press. Rights group call for action against crackdown on media freedoms in Azerbaijan. 16 Sept. 2010. Baku, Azerbaijan.

Wallace, Rick. Editor says Emirates story led to sacking. The Australian. 4 Jan. 2010.