Dr. Radsch delivers the Annual Tom Olsen Lecture Enemies of the People: Global Attacks on Press Freedom at St. Brides Church in London on July 8, 2019.
Annual Al Neuharth Free Spirit and Journalism talk on press freedom, Newseum. 2015-2019.
Speaker. Dynamic Coalition on Sustainability of Journalism and News Media. Internet Governance Forum. Berlin, German. Nov. 27, 2019.


Panelist. Freedom of Speech Online (FOSO) 2019: Technology of Censorship. Newseum. November 15, 2019.

Keynote Speech. Enemies of the People: the Shifting Frontlines of Journalism. The Mid-Coast Forum for Foreign Relations. Maine.  Oct. 14, 2019.

Speaker and moderator. When a state trolls: strategies for responding to online harassment against journalists. International Journalism Festival. Perugia, Italy. April 4, 2019.

Moderator. Press Freedom in a “Post-Truth” Era | The Alliance Series at The Albertine. New York, NY. Feb 12, 2019.

Speaker. Journalism Under Fire. Santa Fe Council on International Relations. Santa Fe, NM. Dec. 5-7, 2018.

Lecture. Journalism on the Frontlines: Terror, Tech and Tenacity: Yale Human Rights Workshop. Sept. 6, 2018.

Moderator. Trending Now: Scenarios for Fake News Futures. Internet Governance Forum USA. Washington, D.C. July 27, 2018.

Moderator. Dangerous Assignments: Safety of women journalists. Convention on the Status of Women, United Nations. New York, NY. March 14, 2018.

Speaker. Battling fake news, hate speech and violent extremism online: Are freedom of expression and a vibrant, global Internet caught in the crossfire? SAIS Center for Transatlantic Relations in partnership with the European Parliament Liaison Office. Washington, D.C. July 20, 2017.

Moderator. Speech Under Pressure: Reinforcing Global Support for Free Expression Online. GNI Annual Public Learning Forum on Internet Freedom and the New Era of Censorship and Surveillance. Washington, D.C. June 19. 2017.

Speaker. Special Event Discussion Panel at Human Rights Watch Film Festival: From Audience to Activist, with Amy Goodman. June 15, 2017.

Speaker. Asia Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Counter-Terrorism Dialogue. UN Counter Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (CTED) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea (MOFA). Jeju Island, South Korea. March 30, 2017.

Keynote Speaker. Journalism in a World of Terrorism. FOJO Media Institute and Linnaeus University. Kalmar, Sweden. May 9, 2017.

Plenary Speaker. Violent Extremism, Strategic Communications, and the Role of Media. Global Forum for Media Development in Jakarta, Indonesia. Sept. 26, 2019.

Plenary Speaker. Violent Extremism, Strategic Communications, and the Role of Media. Global Forum for Media Development in Jakarta, Indonesia. Sept. 29, 2016.

Moderator. “Content and Conduct: Countering Violent Extremism and Promoting Human Rights Online.” Internet Governance Forum USA. Washington, D.C. July 14, 2016.

wb-2016-panelDr. Radsch moderates a panel at the World Bank Civil Society Forum on Combatting Corruption in Closing Spaces: Implications for Governance in October 2016. Watch here.

06.12.16 Moderator. Global Media Policy Forum. WAN-IFRA World Congress. Cartageña, Colombia.

05.26.16 The Internet Society and its Washington, DC, Chapter (ISOC-DC) organized an “online dialogue about encryption” to explore the major issues – technical, policy and legal – around the use of encryption on the Internet.

04.15.16 Speaker. National High School Journalism Convention. Los Angeles, CA.

04.05.16 Speaker. The Paris Effect: Journalism, Diplomacy, and Information Controls. Annual Milton Wolf Seminar. Vienna, Austria at the Diplomatic Academy.

04.01.16 Journalist Safety Online. RightsCon. San Francisco, CA.

03.30.16 Countering Violent Extremism. RightsCon. San Francisco, CA.

11.12.16 Moderator. Global Transparency Laws. National Press Club. Washington, D.C.

11.12.15 Panelist. Blasphemy policies: Consequences for digital world. Internet Governance Forum. João Pessoa, Brazil.
11.09.15 The changing landscape of Internet governance in the Arab region. GigaNet Annual Symposium. João Pessoa, Brazil.

07.16.15 IGF-USA speaker, Truth and Trolls: Dealing with Toxic Speech while Protecting Free Speech Online. Washington, D.C.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeMzdZyqss0

06.09.15 Strengthening Freedom of Expression in a Multicultural World. Center for International Media Assistance, National Endowment for Democracy.

06.03.15 Moderator: The right to be forgotten and internet governance – legitimate concerns for the news industry. World Media Policy Forum at the World News Media Congress. World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers. Washington, D.C.

05. 03.15 Plenary speaker: Digital Safety for Journalists. UNESCO World Press Freedom Day. Riga, Latvia.

With ever more sophisticated surveillance mechanisms, anonymity of sources could be a thing of the past. What can be done to better safeguard digital privacy and the security of digital data?

04.03.15 Press Uncuffed panel at the Newseum in Washington, D.C.

Advocating on behalf of journalists jailed for their work. Find out more at pressuncuffed.org


03.07.15  Nobel Peace Prize Forum. Featured speaker on press freedom and candlelight moment of silence for journalists killed in conflict. Minnesota.

01.26.15 Leading in an Interconnected World. 2015 USNA Leadership Conference. Annapolis, MD.

12.10.14 Keynote. Human Rights and Press Freedom: Global and Domestic Challenges. United Nations Association for Greater Philadelphia. At the Ethical Society of Philadelphia. (Coverage here)


11.05.14  Taming the Messenger: The New threats to Press Freedom. Press Freedom in the 21st Century. Newseum Institute and Free Speech Now! Washington, DC.

10.23.14  Najarian Lecture on Human Rights: Truth to Action: Media Freedom. Boston, MA. Storify here.

10.01-10.03.14 Outlining Media Legal and Regulatory Frameworks. Egypt Media Forum. Washington, DC.

09.14.16 Featured Speaker: American University Human Rights Defender Series.

09.27.14 How Can We Protect Journalists’ Sources in the Digital Era? Online News Association Unconference. With Julie Posetti.

09.01-09.04.14  The Press Freedom Dimensions of Internet Governance. Internet Governance Forum. Istanbul, Turkey.

07.11.14  UNESCO World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development DC launch. Cannon House Office Building.

12.2.-12.4.13. Panel 1: Gender dimensions of freedom of expression. Panel 2: UN actions and media house policies on the safety of women journalists. UNESCO Global Forum on Media and Gender. Bangkok, Thailand.


11.24-11.26.13. Opening expert conversation: Burning Issues for the Independent Arab Press. 6th Arab Free Press Forum. Tunis, Tunisia.
11.24.13 Monetizing social media: A mini-master class.  6th Arab Free Press Forum. Tunis, Tunisia.

11.16-11.17.13. Seminar on “Policy options in promoting freedom of expression and preventing incitement to hate crime.” Follow up on the Rabat Plan. UN Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner. Amman, Jordan.

9.19.13 Challenges of Media Coverage in the Crisis of Egypt. UN Human Rights Council. Geneva.

4.28-4.29.13 Iraqi Media: Ten Years On Rights of Journalists, Safety and Legal Reform. International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) and Iraqi Journalists Union (IJU). Istanbul, Turkey. Panel on ‘Journalists’ Rights and Their Safety’ and ‘International Standards of Media Legislation’

3.16.13 The Role International Organizations play in protecting journalists. 7th Annual Al Jazeera Forum, Doha, Qatar.

3.08.13 Tech@State: Internet Freedom, Online Voices for All. Washington, D.C.

2.26.13 Regional session on “Promoting freedom of expression and media development in Arab States at the WSIS +10 review meeting Towards Knowledge Societies for Peace and Sustainable Development


11.5.12 Middle East internet freedom trends at Human Rights and Internet Governance Must Go Hand in Hand. IGF Pre-Event. Baku, Azerbaijan.

11.7.12 Regional and Country-level IGFs: What’s at stake and who’s involved? Internet Governance Forum (IGF). Baku, Azerbaijan.

9.11 Emerging Issues in Global Internet Governance panel at Highway Africa and the Global Fund for Media Development. Grahamstown, South Africa.

9.6-9.7 Online freedom. Freedom Online: Joint Action for Free Expression on the Internet. Nairobi, Kenya.

7.3 Freedom of Expression and Media in the Arab Spring. National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations. George Washington University. Washington, D.C.

6.12-6.13  United Nations’ International Media Seminar on Peace in the Middle East. Panel on women’s a activism and the media. United Nations Human Rights Council. Geneva, Switzerland.

5.3 Freedom of the Press 2012: Breakthroughs and Pushback in the Middle East. National Press Club, Washington D.C.

4.1-4.4 International Studies Association (ISA). San Diego, CA.

3.08 Violence Against Journalists: Reporting in the Most Dangerous Countries. United Nations Human Rights Council. Geneva, Switzerland.

3.23  Panelist. Symposium on Global Social Media. American University. Washington, DC.

3.28  Having Your Say: Authoritarianism and the Internet. Georgetown University. Washington, DC.

2.29.  dialogue guest discussing social media in democratic uprisings. Woodrow Wilson Center.

2.14  National Press Club Panel to Assess Repression of Expression in Mideast, Washington, DC

1.18 Yahoo! Change Your World Cairo. Conference on Women and Digital/Social Media in the Middle East, Cairo, Egypt.



12.1 Human Rights and the Media. American University. Washington, DC.  

10.21  Media, Human Rights and Responsible Speech. MacArthur Foundation. Chicago, IL.

10.20 License to Censor: Media Regulation as a Threat to Press Freedom. Center for International Media Assistance, National Endowment for Democracy. Washington, DC.

10.10-10.11 Keynote ‘Discussing the Business of News: How to Monetise Social Media’ Media Futures: Policy, Politics and Power. Brussels, Belgium.

10.3-10.4  Media and Policy in the Muslim World. New York.

7.19 Islam in the Age of New Media. Freedom House, Washington D.C.

6.28 Anatomy of a Revolution: Dissecting the Role of Social Media in the Arab Spring. Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University

5.30-6.3 Freedom of Expression Advocacy and the Universal Periodic Review. International Freedom of Expression Exchange (IFEX). Beirut, Lebanon.

5.25 Seismic Shift: Understanding Change in the Middle East. Stimson Center. Washington, DC.

5.9 Cyber Activism Changing the World?. Copenhagen, Denmark on 9 May 2011.

5.5 Digital Dictators, Conscientious Corporations and Wired Youth: Implications of Middle East Uprisings for Internet Governance. Giganet. Washington, DC.

3.23 International Feminism: A Conversation about Women’s Rights and Activism in the Middle East.Women’s Information Network, Feminist Conversation Series. Washington, D.C.

3.2 Cyberactivism and Middle East politics. Center for Social Impact Communication at Georgetown University.

3.28 Cyberactivism and the Arab Revolt: Battles Waged Online and Lessons Learned. The Middle East Institute. 

3.3 Speaker, Philanthropy 3.1: Mobile Action: New Trends in Advocacy. NYU, Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising.  

4.21 Gendered struggles and Representation in Middle East Blogs and Social Media. American University, School of Public Policy. Washington, DC

3.22-3.23 Paper presentation, Bloggers and Believers: Dynamics of Activism and Identity in the Muslim Brotherhood. Information Evolution in the Arab World, Annual Symposium, Center for Contemporary Arab Studies, Georgetown University. Washington, DC.

10.18  Working with journalists. Pinnacle PR. Dubai, UAE.


12.3 Featured speaker, Cyberactivism in the Middle East. Georgetown University. Washington, DC.

11.27 Speaker, Arab Journalism. American University. Washington, DC.

11.17-11.21 The Revolution will be Blogged: New Media Cultural Configurations in Egypt. Arab-United States Association of Communication Educators (AUSACE) Annual Conference. Cairo, Egypt.